• Wonderful experience with Jason and Amanda. They are very dedicated and professional in their commitment to the patient. I have recently had my knee replaced and the intense therapy is very difficult, they make it easy to understand and are very supportive.

    Sheila F.

  • I have been a patient here for a number of athletic injuries. My experience has always been very positive and successful. Working with Amanda I have received excellent care. She has always been spot on with her treatment programs and appropriate exercises to do at home. Always a friendly staff at the front desk to assist with appointment schedules. I would highly recommend Connecticut Family Physical Therapy as a place to receive excellent care for treatment. A very positive experience

    Tom B.

  • I’m so glad that I chose the Connecticut Family Physical Therapy Center to receive physical therapy. The staff is so pleasant and the therapists are very professional. My thanks to Amanda and Jason for their guidance over the last four months and I highly recommend them.

    Imogene B.

  • I have been a patient at Connecticut Family Physical Therapy on and off for several years now, treating a series of spinal issues. I have had multiple surgeries in the past and this is not my first experience with physical therapy centers. However, it has been my best experience. The environment is friendly. I get individual treatment, I’m never kept waiting and the staff is professional at all times. My therapist Amanda has been nothing but excellent. The treatments and my home exercises are custom-tailored individually for me. Most important the treatments are helping me. I would highly recommend both Amanda and Connecticut Family Physical Therapy.

    David B.

  • I’m writing this on behalf of my husband’s therapy for Early-onset Parkinson’s Disease at CFPT. Did we hit the jackpot when he started his therapy with Wendy Boller. She was very patient, kind and determined to get him to his full potential. Gave her undivided attention to him through many sessions. Our family saw a big change in his demeanor, balance, and speech. We are very grateful for the one on one therapy. Thank you so much, Wendy.

    Cecilia F.

  • This is to thank you, your staff, and especially my physical therapist, Debra Spross, for the great service you provide for physical therapy at your facility. I suffer for many years from Cervical Dystonia, a neurological disorder, as a result of an accident which caused brain injury. I have never found anyone who could treat me because of their lack of knowledge about my disorder. I was very lucky to have found Debra at your facility. She has brought me forward in ways that have never been addressed, and has also made me aware of the bad posture habits that I had acquired which have aggravated my disorder. This disorder has affected my shoulders which have brought a lot of pain and loss of functionality. Debra’s therapy has helped me to have less pain and more mobility. She is working with me in correcting years of bad posture as a result of spasms on my neck. I have also had many falls because of lack of balance. I had almost given up walking, my favorite activity, unassisted, for the fear of falling. Debra is working on my balance to the point that I am beginning to gain confidence and do some walking without help. Debra Spross is a professional physical therapist with great experience and above average knowledge of her occupation.

    Maria Olga Ellison

  • When I started at CT Family PT, my lower back was giving me constant burning pain, now not a single burning sensation. Your therapy and advice have made my days more enjoyable!

    Donald Hannson

  • A heavy fall last winter resulted in a displaced fracture and extensive tears to my rotator cuff. Today following 4 months of intensive therapy… Confirmation of success was born out recently when I played my first round of golf since the fall – 4 pars too!! What a relief to me! A sincere “Thank You” to all staff members of CT Family Physical Therapy.

    Sean Jackman

  • When I started coming to CT Family PT, my shoulder was in such pain I dreaded even simple tasks like brushing my hair. The MRI revealed a combination of problems: a partially torn rotator cuff, inflamed tendons, a bone spur, and a shoulder anatomy that made matters worse. The orthopedist said I might need surgery but encouraged me to try PT first. As a very fit and active “boomer”, my standards for returning to full activity were high, and I searched a bit before settling on CT Family PT, because wanted to be sure of having a good PT “partner” in fixing my shoulder. I am happy to say my shoulder is almost 100% recovered now, thanks to CFPT!

    Alice Ely

  • Before coming here I had pain in my foot/ankle when I swam and walked. After 2 sessions, I had no more pain! Everyone here is excellent, extremely professional and knowledgeable on all parts of the body. Overall I had a tremendous experience.

    Chris W.

  • I was so happy with the results I achieved. Not only do I no longer feel chronic pain in my right shoulder, I am also able to support my weight on my right arm in pilates class. I will refer all my friends and if I ever need PT again you can be sure I will return. Thanks for everything.

    Gail Pesyna

  • “I have suffered from back pain for decades. I have been very pleased with the treatment at CT Family Physical Therapy. I have been treated by many physical therapists, physiatrists, and orthopedic physicians. My experience at CT Family Physical Therapy has been the best of any treatment I have received.”

    Sam Smith

  • “Thanks so much for your help. I am now able to ride my bicycle again and play tennis! Your facility is top notch and I am lucky to have found it.”

    Karen Clark

  • “I was in a car accident and ended up having multi-level cervical bone replacement surgery in my neck and needed extensive physical therapy afterward. CT Family Physical Therapy helped me strengthen the muscles to expedite the healing process. It worked! I can’t say enough great things about their expertise, diligence, and patience. CFPT took my pain ridden body and healed it, and taught me how to help heal it by teaching me daily exercises to do at home. I thank all of them from the bottom of my heart for caring so much, and for giving me back, the chance to get my normal life back.”

    Marcia Wright

  • After tearing my ACL in December, I was very nervous about getting back my full strength. With the help from my doctor and everyone at CFPT, I now feel great, and ready for the basketball season to begin. Physical Therapy has been hard work, but also a lot of fun. I’m back to 100% and could not feel any better!


  • “CT Family Physical Therapy is different from any other facility I’ve ever been to because the therapists dedicate the entire appointment to one patient. There are no PT aides. Patients are totally in the care of physical therapists who are kind, caring and focus on their clients’ needs and really listen patiently to concerns. When I started PT I was dependent on a walker, was very fearful and totally debilitated. I’ve since had total knee replacement of both knees and total shoulder replacement of both shoulders. Now I participate in life and dance, travel, walk long distances, go hiking, and play on the floor with my granddaughter who is a toddler. Going to CT Family Physical Therapy has been my gift to myself. Thank you CFPT for helping me get my life back”

    Joyce Orkand

  • “I can’t adequately say thank you for your care and treatment for my rotator cuff injury. The skill and dedication the staff provided was admirable. I have been to several different therapy places for various minor injuries over the years, the most recent was following total hip replacement. My experience has always been that after a few sessions, the therapists more or less expect you to continue on your own while at their facility. I always found that to be a rather dismissive attitude. At your facility my therapist was working with me at all times. Helping, correcting if I wasn’t doing something the right way, encouraging etc. That’s really what’s needed and, in reality, what you’re paying for, but most often don’t receive.

    I cannot applaud this facility enough for the level of care and treatment from the office staff up to the owner, Emily Chen, who would stop in and check on things during sessions. I would not hesitate to use the physical therapy services again if needed and would not hesitate to recommend to anyone else in the area. I wouldn’t consider going anywhere else. Thank you all!”

    Fran Tanguay

  • “I cannot say enough wonderful things for the people who work here, who has helped me to become fully functional with my very bad back. I’m so grateful… Thank you all!”

    Mickey Kleefield

  • “Knee problem improved quickly. Very satisfied with PT program. Very satisfied with efficiency of office staff.”

    Alberto Solis

  • “Tara has been the most knowledgeable and skillful physical therapist I ever had. She was very successful in treating my vertigo and subsequently my acute back pain. Her knowledge of the human body muscles and bones, is phenomenal. In addition she is very caring and patient. She explains and demonstrates home exercise to make sure I got it right. I hope I will have no more problems, but if I do I would definitely like Tara to take care of me. I would recommend Tara without any reservation.”

    Agnes Vertes

  • “A student in my last year of PT school, I had the opportunity to complete one of my 3 month internships at Connecticut Family PT…and what an incredible opportunity! The first thing that struck me as I started meeting more patients was that they were actually getting better. Not just a little better, or 50% decreased pain, but BETTER to the point that their symptoms were no longer dictating what they were able to do. I have spent time at a variety of PT clinics during my education to be a physical therapist and this is something I don’t see across the board. The individualized care and length of treatments at Connecticut Family PT is an anomaly in today’s healthcare. The therapists’ ultimate goals are their patient’s goals, and they put a tremendous focus on educating their patients so they understand what they can do to help reach their goals in conjunction with therapy treatments. My goal as a physical therapist is to work in a clinic that allows me the treatment time to provide my patients with the best care I can give, just like Connecticut Family PT.”

    Lindsay Myers

  • “I had balance problems and since my therapy at CT Family PT and I see great improvement.”

    Jay Wiener

  • “The office administrative staff is helpful and understanding and provided me flexibility when I needed to move appointments. My therapist Tara was always connected to me and my issues. She grew to understand my particular needs, not only for my knee and that was paramount, but she understood my motivations or lack of and addressed these as well.”

    Mary Ann Hall

  • “I attribute my healing to the professional, skilled and sensitive therapy Tara administered to my arm/shoulder. She guided me and encouraged me with a progressively accurate series of exercises. Bravo, Tara. I will continue to see her every other week as she knows what I need to keep me on the correct path to healing. I sing her praises and will refer her and your group if I know someone in need. I’ve had other physical therapists but you are The Best!”

    Carol Davis

  • “I have worked with Tara Silvaggio since August 25th, 2014. I have always found Tara to be knowledgeable, intelligent, creative and sensitive to my needs and fears. When I am able to have my other shoulder replaced, I will make sure I can fit into Tara’s schedule. I would recommend her to anyone in need of a professional therapist.”

    Jean Worsdale

  • “This was my second series of work with Tara Silvaggio. She is spectacular! My wife also worked with Tara and we both have exulted in her excellence. My most recent “issue” was with my knee – by referral from my Primary Care Physician. After reading the report from the Radiologist, Tara quickly understood what the most appropriate therapy would be and prescribed exercises and gave me useful massages designed to stretch and strengthen the muscles in the area. I’ll say it again; she is a terrific professional – and the fact that she is so wonderfully personable makes a visit to the CT Family PT most rewarding. I cannot recommend this facility more highly.”

    Bob Selverstone

  • “The administrative staff are very pleasant to work with. The therapeutic staff are very caring and effective. They really help one resume a normal life when injury has occurred. I would recommend this group to anyone.”

    Kathy Fassman

  • “The plan of care that I received from Tara Silvaggio, MPT was excellent! She is very personable, cares about the patient and is thorough. Though at every step of my rehabilitation process she checked on my responses to different treatment modalities. Due to the nature of my injury she worked diligently, providing me with a sense of relief from the pain. The home exercises strengthened the affected area while the intensity advanced only after Tara checked on my progress at the commencement of each session. This allowed me to remain focused/diligent on doing exercises at home. I have come to (CFPT) on several occasions, the office staff is always very courteous & welcoming to every patient, I appreciated that. Overall, I can say it was time well spent, and have no hesitation sending friends here.”


  • “Carolina is nothing short of a miracle worker. I came to this lovely young woman with debilitating sciatica pain. My orthopedist said it was my spine and he could offer painkillers or surgery. I requested physical therapy luckily. My chiropractor also said it was my spine and I only need to commit to months of adjustments. Only Carolina diagnosed it correctly as a problem of the joint of my sacroiliac (not my spine). She then gave me a series of amazing massages and ordered some home exercises. Within weeks (3-4) my pain was gone. I feel so blessed to have met her.”

    Carol Berkley

  • “My physical therapy experience has been very good, and the results have helped me. I feel that there has been improvement and the confidence to get back to exercising and playing golf. Amanda was an excellent therapist and did a great job.”

    Neil Schwimer

  • “I came to CFPT with lower back pain that was the result of overexertion while working out. In addition to the pain, I was skewed to the left and could not stand up straight. Upon arrival, Amanda told me we would work on straightening me out, after which we would perform a series of strengthening exercises so that I could manage my lower back issues. I made seven visits to CFPT and there was improvement made with each visit. By the end of my final visit, I was pain free, standing up straight, and had a regimen of preventive exercises to hopefully prevent a recurrence of the problem. This was my second experience with CFPT, and both were very successful thank to the efforts of the excellent therapist.”

    James Marion

  • “When I started my physical therapy with Amanda, I had been having a lot of discomfort for several months which was, at its worst, when trying to sleep. After twelve physical therapy sessions, I am now able to sleep at night without being awakened by pain. Plus, going up and down stairs does not bother me, nor do I have difficulty getting dressed. Amanda was very professional and attentive to everything I described to her. She inquired at every session as to my progress at home, where exactly I was feeling discomfort and if and how it was different than before. She always inquired as to the degree of difficulty I found any of the at home therapies. She would adjust and add to my therapies as she analyzed what I described to her. I can highly recommend Amanda as a professionally effective and personally attentive physical therapist.”

    Betty Copersino

  • “I have recently completed physical therapy for total knee replacement under the direction of Tara Silvaggio. Prior to the knee, Tara provided physical therapy for me in the summer of 2015 for a shoulder replacement. Additionally, she treated me for shoulder pain prior to the surgery, and more recently, for severe back pain. Needless to say I have the utmost confidence in her skills and abilities. She always gives 100 percent during each session. I never had the feeling her mind may have been elsewhere. She was thorough in explaining the importance of the various exercises and made sure I had a thorough understanding of each. Through each recovery the predictions of how I was likely to feel along the way came out true. Her experience serves her well dealing with clients. She has great sense of humor which helped me along the way as each of the recoveries were difficult and not much fun at times. I have recommended her to several friends one of whom, Kathy Johnston, was very pleased with the treatment she received from Tara. Hopefully I will not need PT for a while but if and when it may be necessary in the future, I would not hesitate to call and ask for Tara. She originally was referred to me by my personal trainer, Wendy Crowther, who also was very pleased with her therapy from Tara. A quick add on- Melissa in the office was always very professional, pleasant, and helpful.”

    Bob Derby

  • CT Family PT is a very professional and effective facility. Dan was able to quickly and accurately diagnose where my pain was emanating from and proceeded to provide me substantial pain relief though a combination of manipulation and exercise. I went from a high degree of pain to no/minimal pain in my lower back in a relatively short period of time. I would highly recommend CT Family PT and Dan.

    Sharon Clark

  • “I have received the very best attention and care from Tara. She is a real professional and has helped tremendously, not only to feel better, but her encouragement and list of exercises have been greatly inspiring. I have no hesitation in recommending her to all who need her skill and also to use the Connecticut Family Physical Therapy for their reliable and pleasant service.”

    Marge Malbin

  • “Thank you Tara Silvaggio for everything you did for me during my early phases of rehab after my left hip Periacetabular Osteotomy (PAO). I feel so fortunate to have found Tara, and I am so appreciative of her willingness to truly listen and work collaboratively with me to help me achieve my goals. I’ve had quite a few frustrating and disappointing PT experiences during my pre- and post-op PAO recoveries, and it was such a wonderful experience being able to work with someone who really “owns” the concepts of individualized, patient-centered care. My other hip recovery was relatively quick and easy, but I feel like this left side has even exceeded that- I attribute a lot of that to Tara and the excellent personalized care I received early on. My only regret is that she doesn’t live in Ohio, where I live full time!”

    Nancy Muir

  • “It is my pleasure to tell you about my experience at Connecticut Family PT. I had gone to my doctor at Internal Medicine of Westport who diagnosed me with bursitis in my left leg. It was painful and it was hard to go up and down stairs. It was also uncomfortable getting in and out of my car. I worked with Daniel Tannenbaum PT who performed physical therapy on my leg for several sessions. I wasn’t certain that I would get back to 100% pain free. I had my doubts. Daniel gave me exercises to work on at home as well. Daniel was pleasant to talk to which made the sessions fly by. I am now pain free and am very thankful that my doctor recommended Connecticut Family PT. A special thank you to Daniel for his great care.”

    Nancy Carr

  • “Amanda has worked miracles for me, devising exercises that have made it possible for me to keep on swimming, in spite of seriously damaged rotator cuffs. I looked forward to my physical therapy sessions, not only because of their healing value, but also because of Amanda’s upbeat personality and welcoming smile.”

    Mary Lou Weisman

  • “Dan has professionally and humanely guided me for 3 months while recovering from rotator cuff surgery. While focused on helping one to assume normal functions post surgery, which he does extremely well, Dan addresses the mental attitude and is interested in how things are going on outside CT Family PT. He is compassionate, insightful and very proficient. Dan is interested in human behavior so when he is asking you to do something that doesn’t feel great, he helps you through it, as does the entire staff. If you have to do it, this is the place to do it!”

    David Smith

  • “Tara is the best! I’ve been to three different PTs for my hip issues (pre and post replacement) and Tara is by far the best one. At my first visit she asked detailed questions in order to get a thorough understanding of what was going on with my hip. Then she created a program that was clearly tailored to my specific issues- not a one size fits all program. She would check in with me at each session to see how exercises were going, any new pain etc and she’d adjust my program as needed. And Tara seemed to have an intuitive understanding of the problems I was explaining without me having to say much- very nice when you’ve explained issues to so many doctors. Highly recommend Tara!”

    Rachel Ettinger

  • “CT FAMILY PHYSICAL THERAPY IS THE BEST! At this point, I have availed myself of their services on three or four separate occasions for three or four different challenges. In each circumstance, the ease of negotiating the front office was facilitated by efficient, considerate and engaging personnel. They are well-selected and well-trained and they consistently made the “business” portion of my experience not just simple, but enjoyable. But the true value of CT Family PT is the excellence of the staff. My wife and I have been fortunate to have had Tara Silvaggio attend to most of our ailments, and I have expressed my admiration for her professionalism in the past. For my most recent infirmity, since Tara was booked weeks in advance- and I had a pressing need- I was fortunate enough to be assigned to Amanda Kaslowitz. Amanda continued the excellence of your professionals by her in-office therapy, her home therapy recommendations, and her always encouraging approach. All too often, rehabilitation is sabotaged by the fact that patients are inconsistent with their out-of-office non-adherence to protocols. What is critical here is the upbeat encouragement of the professional staff. And Amanda, like Tara, was superb in both her in-office therapy and in her prescriptions of “homework”. Her engaging and upbeat personality certainly contributed to my successful rehabilitation. I continue to recommend CT Family Physical Therapy with the highest plaudits.

    Robert Selverstone

  • This was my second experience with CFPT and again I was met with kind professional and highly trained physical therapists. Keep up the fine work and thank you all!!

    Jackie Weisburger

  • At eighty-eight walking down the driveway to pick up the New York Times was not easy! So I had an artificial hop replacement completed at the Hospital for Special Surgery at the end of March. Home again after two nights at HSS, putting my socks on with a plastic and string device was not easy. My need for physical therapy was obvious. In April I began at Family PT with Daniel Tannenbaum. While flat on my back on the workout table he would begin all directions of leg activity and occupy my mind with conversation other then on muscle and joint aches! I left after each visit feeling improved! It is June and it now a pleasure to walk down the stairs and driveway to squat down and pick up the New York Times and read about what Washington D.C. did yesterday!

    Donald Hansson

  • Dan Tannenbaum has been my physical trainer for approximately eight weeks. It is my pleasure to write this evaluation of his professional expertise because I owe him a debt of gratitude. He has always been very professional and caring in his treatments. I have noticed considerable improvement in both my walking and balance. My pain level has decreased to a livable existence. He has left me with copies of exercises he felt would be beneficial. I can certainly recommend his services to any and all.

    Slyvia Hirshout

  • I have been to Ct. Family Physical Therapy twice with successful results both times. Once for a full knee replacement and once for low back pain. I was very, very fortunate to be the patient of Dan Tannenbaum for rehabilitation both times. Dan has a deep caring for his patients recovery. The entire staff is warm, friendly and nurturing, and I would never hesitate to recommend Dan and CFPT. With my sincere Thanks.

    Linda Lyman

  • I had a really positive experience here! I felt results very quickly. Dan is really good at listening to the client and adapting when something might be too easy or hard. The staff overall is very friendly and the place is very clean and quiet! Every session was pleasant and I was kept motivated throughout the process.

    Zoe Hochberg

  • I cannot say enough positive things about Amanda. She is the ultimate professional. Very knowledgeable and thorough. Amanda was very informative and very prepared for our physical therapy sessions. She utilized many different methods, equipment and techniques to rehabilitate my knee. I was pleased to have had Amanda as my therapist. I would recommend her and your facility to others. Thank you!

    Nelson Alicea

  • Over the month and a half long course of physical therapy for my chronic back pain, I can without a doubt say I looked forward to the results that came with each successive session I had at CFPT. Dan, or Dan the Miracle Man as I like to call him, went above and beyond what I had expected, and he was able to motivate me to keep up with the exercises outside of our sessions and even now after we’ve concluded our series. Even on my bad days, Dan could cheer me up and keep me going toward the goal of a pain-free day when I could go back to riding my horse. I can tell that everyone here, especially Dan, cares about the client and every aspect of their recovery process. If you are looking for a place with an attentive, caring, and friendly staff, CFPT is the place to go!

    Alexandra Fielding

  • In February 2017 I had Bilateral Knee Replacements. It’s a tough operation and even a tougher recovery. After I left the hospital I went straight to rehab for 10 days. I then went home able to walk with a walker and soon after with a cane. I was in a great deal of pain when my meds wore off. My surgeon suggested I schedule PT as quickly as possible. I started seeing Dan at Connecticut Family PT three times a week. I’m 75 years old and before my surgery I thought I was in pretty good physical shape but after three weeks of doing nothing but baby step walking and some minimal PT, my muscles had atrophied. I was weak and tired and taking medication that made me loopy. Over a three-month period, Dan strengthened my legs and core. It wasn’t easy, on the contrary, he worked me hard but with compassion and I saw results. There was still pain, especially when I got off my meds, but I felt stronger and, week-by-week, I was walking better, straighter and longer and the pain was diminishing. I was told before the operation the recovery was long and hard. After 6 months it gets easier but look for it to take a year for the knees to feel close to normal. I’m now at the end of my prescribed physical therapy treatments. I will miss Dan, not only for this dedication to my rehabilitation but for his focus on me as a individual; working me to my sometimes uncomfortable limits, listening to my moans without comment and his always welcome conversation that took my mind off the difficult exercises at hand.

    Martin Wolff

  • After several failed attempts at physical therapy for a herniated disc, I had very good success with Amanda. She took the time to understand and assess my situation and then worked to find the best course of action. She was attentive, patient and creative in helping me resolve my issues. She worked with me to find what exercises/ stretches suited me best, ensured that I understood their purpose and focused on whether I was doing them correctly. I always had 1 x 1 (one on one) attention and felt like I was in good hands. The people make the difference in physical therapy & Amanda was by far the best I have worked with.

    Andrew E.

  • This evaluation is based on the results of my physical therapy for a right knee replacement from December 1st, 2017 to January 19th, 2018. Since I had two previous right knee replacement surgeries I realized that the key to my rehabilitation would be my choice of physical therapist. During my presurgery visit to the Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS). I learned that HSS had a rehabilitation network with an affiliate in Westport. While still at HSS I called them to find out more about their practice. When I talked with Kim Bryan she asked about my recovery expectations and how much time I was willing to devote weekly to the process. I answered these questions and I told her that I wanted a physical therapist that would push me hard during the physical therapy sessions. Kim said she had the right therapist for me and assigned Amanda Kaslowitz.

    On the first visit Amanda did the intake evaluation and found that my range of motion was approximately 69 degrees; extension of plus 12 degrees, coupled with significant swelling around the knee. She developed a plan for improved range of motion, extension and strengthening. During my 8 weeks of physical therapy my range of motion has increased to 123 degrees, extension of minus 1 degree with little pain and minor swelling around the knee. As a result of the strengthening work I was walking a 1/3 of a mile at the YMCA gym within 3 weeks and started to do a few rotations on a vertical bicycle. Within 6 weeks I could easily walk 1/2 mile followed by 6 miles on the bike at a pace of 6 mins. per mile. At this point I believe I will fully recover and will be able to enjoy life and I previously did. I credit Amanda who is very personable and knowledgeable with this improvement. Additionally, the staff is pleasant and outgoing. The facility is well maintained and equipped. I highly recommend the physical therapy services provided by CT Family Physical Therapy.

    Tom Little

  • This is my 2nd experience in having therapy at Ct Family PT. My first visit was a few years ago when I had shoulder problems. They managed to help me postpone a replacement surgery!

    Amanda is not just an experienced, knowledgeable therapist, she created a positive experience with a good sense of humor. She is efficient with her time, patient but readily told me when I made progress, and she motivated me to do better. The office is efficient with on going dates and was flexible with sudden changes and offered very pleasant surroundings and friendly personnel. Most of all, they gave me this opportunity to say thank you!!!

    Carolyn Raymond

  • Excellent and very professional direction in supportive exercises. All exercises explained clearly as to their rational and effectiveness. I noticed very distinct improvements during the length of my program. Ending results were measurably quite better. I have already recommended your group to friends and will continue to do so.

    William Chase

  • CFPT was recommended by the service that came to the house for physical therapy. The several weeks at CFPT made a difference in my ability to progress faster then my doctor expected. My experience with my therapist was an excellent experience. Amanda was determined to make my visits an experience that ensured my progress to allow me to have my doctor tell me I do not have to see him again unless I have a problem. In the past years I have had PT for my 5 back operations and for other reasons. No one has ever worked as hard and smart as CFPT. Many thanks to Amanda Kaslowitz.

    Joseph Fazio

  • I just so appreciate the wonderful and attentive treatment I was given by Amanda. I came to the facility with a number of painful situations- post knee surgery and recurrence of painful lumber disc herniation that suddenly recurred while gardening. Everything hurt me! Amanda has a truly amazing and knowledgeable touch – also knowing just which machine and home exercises would help me. I would certainly give a great recommendation to CT Family Physical Therapy- wonderful staff and treatment!

    Leslie Wile

  • I have been totally satisfied with the administrative staff and process at Ct Family PT. Ben Wang is a caring, attentive and encouraging PT wizard. He has patiently guided me through working out a torn hamstring and addressing the bad habits and muscular weaknesses that led to the hamstring tear. Ben has provided me with an effective work out program and stretching routine to allow me to fully participate in the activities I enjoy and the counsel to know when to take a break and keep from getting stiff. A very positive experience

    Jane Eyes

  • I could not be happier with the treatment and care from Deb Spross. Her assessments were detailed and complete. Her plans for here (in office) and home were clear. Her/Our goals were realistic and most importantly pragmatic and meaningful to me. Her sensitivity, compassion and encouragement were a huge part of my determination and success. Also the variety of the treatments she offers are a huge part of the healing. We met our goals! The office staff was also kind and supportive, thanks Deb et al!

    Deb Wollwerth

  • I can highly recommend Amanda at CT Family Physical Therapy. She carefully analyzes what needs doing, not a one program fits all approach I have often had in the past. This care really paid off. I felt as if something improved almost every time I saw her, and she altered treatment as I improved. Back surgery had resulted in every nerve in my leg rebelling as well as many weakened or atrophied muscles. By the time I finished all my leg pain had resolved and my ability to sleep, walk, bend and get around was nearly back to normal. Thanks to Amanda I am back in Pilates class, and hope to be back playing tennin, which I had given up hope of doing a few months agao. I will always be grateful for the help I received!

    Cary Peterson

  • Tara has been a terrific partner as my physical therapist. She provided support and professional help that hastened my recovery from knee replacement surgery. Tara is very knowledgeable and has been delightful and encouraging to work with. She has known when to modify my exercise program as my body and knee have strengthened and improved. She listens to my needs and has been able to give me appropriate new exercises when I have encountered what I perceived as unexpected changes. Tara has been able to explain why changes have occurred and what to potentially expect for the long term from her experiences with other patients. She has always made sure that my program has moved forward in a positive direction for my recovery. Thank you Tara!

    Stephanie Gelman

  • My professional objectives include being in a progressive environment where I can continue to learn from a cohort of seasoned professionals that surround me on a daily basis.

    With that mindset, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to work at CFPT where collaboration and commitment to quality patient care is cultivated. There are no cookbook recipes in helping individuals achieve optimal functional goals.  I have found that the owner and the therapists I’ve worked with here, respect and foster the individual therapist and his/her creativity in delivering exceptional service to each person that steps through the door.

    Good Personality Fit for this practice–person who is empathetic with patients as well as peers.  Strong communicator able to engage in critical thinking process in clinical care as well as client service.

    Elizabeth Chau, MS, PT

  • A student in my last year of PT school, I had the opportunity to complete one of my 3 month internships at Connecticut Family PT…and what an incredible opportunity! The first thing that struck me as I started meeting more patients was that they were actually getting better. Not just a little better, or 50% decreased pain, but BETTER to the point that their symptoms were no longer dictating what they were able to do. I have spent time at a variety of PT clinics during my education to be a physical therapist and this is something I don’t see across the board. The individualized care and length of treatments at Connecticut Family PT is an anomaly in today’s healthcare. The therapists’ ultimate goals are their patient’s goals, and they put a tremendous focus on educating their patients so they understand what they can do to help reach their goals in conjunction with therapy treatments. My goal as a physical therapist is to work in a clinic that allows me the treatment time to provide my patients with the best care I can give, just like Connecticut Family PT.

    Lindsay Myers, DPT, Boulder, CO

  • One thing I really love is the one-on-one time with our patients. I never have to feel rushed. I have the time I need to be able to process and really think about the patient’s complaints/goals and correct them with my physical findings. This way I can really hone in on the issues at hand. This not only helps the patient but has helped me learn and grow into a better clinician.

    Amanda Kaslowitz, PT, OCS

  • If you are the type of therapist who wants to provide optimal care in order to do what’s in the best interest of your patients, consider working as part of the team at CFPT. Our unique business model provides our clinicians with the time to provide dedicated and focused care.  Treatment, as well as evaluation, is provided by the professionals who are uniquely qualified to perform it, since we do not rely on aides or just modalities, as we strive to have our clients reach their goals for therapy. You will be expected to be creative and self-motivated, but your unique skills will be valued (and you will be asked to share them with your colleagues as well as your clients!), and your professional growth will be encouraged.

    Having been with CT Family Physical Therapy for several years, I can attest to the value of this model and the joy of really getting to know your patients and the community.  Come see our comfortable and bright facility and have a conversation if you are ready to be the kind of therapist you always planned to be.

    Debra Spross, PT, OCS