Maria Olga Ellison

May 14th, 2019

This is to thank you, your staff, and especially my physical therapist, Debra Spross, for the great service you provide for physical therapy at your facility. I suffer for many years from Cervical Dystonia, a neurological disorder, as a result of an accident which caused brain injury. I have never found anyone who could treat me because of their lack of knowledge about my disorder. I was very lucky to have found Debra at your facility. She has brought me forward in ways that have never been addressed, and has also made me aware of the bad posture habits that I had acquired which have aggravated my disorder. This disorder has affected my shoulders which have brought a lot of pain and loss of functionality. Debra’s therapy has helped me to have less pain and more mobility. She is working with me in correcting years of bad posture as a result of spasms on my neck. I have also had many falls because of lack of balance. I had almost given up walking, my favorite activity, unassisted, for the fear of falling. Debra is working on my balance to the point that I am beginning to gain confidence and do some walking without help. Debra Spross is a professional physical therapist with great experience and above average knowledge of her occupation.