Debra Spross, PT, OCS

May 21st, 2019

If you are the type of therapist who wants to provide optimal care in order to do what’s in the best interest of your patients, consider working as part of the team at CFPT. Our unique business model provides our clinicians with the time to provide dedicated and focused care.  Treatment, as well as evaluation, is provided by the professionals who are uniquely qualified to perform it, since we do not rely on aides or just modalities, as we strive to have our clients reach their goals for therapy. You will be expected to be creative and self-motivated, but your unique skills will be valued (and you will be asked to share them with your colleagues as well as your clients!), and your professional growth will be encouraged.

Having been with CT Family Physical Therapy for several years, I can attest to the value of this model and the joy of really getting to know your patients and the community.  Come see our comfortable and bright facility and have a conversation if you are ready to be the kind of therapist you always planned to be.